Ever felt stuck?
Kind of like, as soon as you’re making moves to reaching your goals, all HELL breaks loose?
Yeah, me too!

I had the sweetest time sharing with a dear sister, when she said something that made me ask her to double back. She expressed how a difficult time in her life had held her back for a season but now she was ready to move forward.

My response not only got her attention but it got mine.

I shared with her that the difficult time in her life wasn’t a HOLD UP but an UPLOAD.

Each one of us has those times that feel like we can’t move forward, like we are stuck in mud but it is in those moments that God has allowed LIFE to slow us down so He can UPLOAD all the strengths, wisdom, and testimonies we will need in that NEW season of our lives.

Had it not been for my slow seasons, I wouldn’t have learned how to weigh my words and learn proper timing, in this season. My slow season saved me from going to jail in my NEW SEASON. Did I just help somebody right there?
My slow season also taught me how to be more compassionate. Who knows who I’ll run into in this new season that needs a more compassionate me.

Nothing is hold you up right now. There’s a much needed UPLOAD taking place in your amazing life, getting you ready for the next level of amazing.

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My devotional today (www.proverbs31.org)┬áreally got me thinking about “ME.” Is that a crazy oxymoron or what? It was about SELFIES.

Do I really think about ME more than I think about others?

We live in a world ruled by SELFIES. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good selfie picture, especially if I can tag it with an inspiring word or scripture.

Here lately, ┬áI’ve been thinking about ME alot. I’ve been praying for ME alot. And I’ve been asking God about ME alot. Sounds pretty darn selfish to ME.

But when was the last time I really prayed for someone else? Slowed down enough to LIKE someone else’s post or SELFIE?

GUILTY as charged!

While I am a BIG advocate of loving yourSELF first then you can love others, I do believe in the beauty of balance.

Today, I’m doing a SELFIE check to make sure I’m giving attention to other people’s needs and wants just as much as I give to my own.

Man, can you image if Jesus was SELFISH? We’d all be in some serious trouble.

Who can I save today from serious trouble by a phone call, encouragement, prayer, support, love, a dying to SELFISH? Who can you save?

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Here’s your moment to INSPIRE someone “ELSIE?”

Escape From Crazy AGAIN


I made a dash from CRAZY long time ago.

What does that mean?

Well, there was a season in my life where it seemed like everything and everyone around me was CRAZY. Eventually, I felt a little CRAZY.

I decided I had to make some drastic changes in my life.

Remember my Scripture Bricks? If you don’t, they are simply, colorful index cards that I’d write scriptures on and build a wall (taped index cards) on my bedroom wall. I’d get up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and read my brick for that season (that could last anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks), while listening to my Pandora worship station.

It was those things that pulled me up by my boot straps and dropped me off at the corner of Peace of Mind Ave. and Serenity Blvd. I lived there for quite awhile.

But then the distractions of life happened and soon I was sleeping in and I was reading less and less and lounging more and more. Then CRAZY returned.

I lied in bed one day, asking God what was going on in me and around me. He showed me. I had walked away from the place of safety and had slowly started walking back towards the very place God had rescued me from.

Has God ever rescued you from a CRAZY place?

Have you ever looked up and found yourself back at the corner of CRAZY?

What were some of the things that kept you focused and centered?

What was that scripture that kept you connected?

Put your sneakers on. Lace up your shoes strings. Retrace your steps and begin to sprint back to that place of safety.

Turn somethings off today. Turn some people off today.

Everything and everyone is not meant to be along for the ride, especially when you’re trying to ESCAPE FROM CRAZY, AGAIN.


The Most Important Thing In Your Life

2:00 a.m. and I’m up. I’ve been up and I’m not too happy about it.

After about an hour of staring at the ceiling I began to think about my family, my children and my step children.

I reminisced on our family morning devotions and how proud I was as a mom to hear the kids quote bible verses and give the definition of wisdom, like perfect little Pastor Kids. Then I let my mind reflect on some recent pictures I’d seen of our kids, in church. They were posted at the altar, robotically sitting on the first row and they were SAD.

Ironically, there were few pictures of them laughing and playing. There were almost no pictures of family dinner time, vacations or leisure time together.

And then I began to think and recall.

I recalled all the marriages that we counseled while neglecting our own. I recalled the kids I hugged at BIG LIFE while my own kids were lonely. I recalled the families we prayed for and sacrificed for, while rarely taking the time to pray and sacrifice for our own family.

We didn’t sell our souls but we sold our family for the success of MINISTRY. While we were so busy making God “proud” we forgot that the most important ministry was family.

Not the family where you post cute pictures of you and your spouse or children out and about, appearing connected. I’m speaking of the moments when dad is present enough to help his son with homework or mom is around to hear about her daughter’s day at school. I’m referring to the date nights that are spent at home, cuddled on the couch, talking. The nights when you pause the t.v. to pray together as a family before the kids are tucked in for the night. The heated disagreements that sends husbands and wives to opposite sides of the house, only to come together again after the dust settles. The moments you can’t post on social media.

My husband has been teaching on LOVE for the last month and prior to that teaching, we didn’t love each other. We didn’t love our children, our own family. We said the words but our actions were far from it. We thought we were connected but we weren’t to our family.

I wish I could get those days back. I wish I would have cared more about family than church. I wish I’d played more, laugh more, called distant family and friends more.

While the church is God’s legacy, our family should be ours.

What’s Most Important in Your Life? Is it your job, material things or maybe your giving or position at church?

The most important thing in your life should be your FAMILY.

Before there was church, there was Adam and Eve, family. Never let anything be more important than that.