When God Answers You


Ok, Ok….so today I didn’t go to church.

After a whole month of traveling, my husband looked at my pathetic face and forbid me to go. Thanks babe.
After about an hour of tossing and turning, I made my way to the couch, in hopes of falling asleep to a movie.
My TV Guide soon led me to the movie, Evan Almighty. I love that movie and I felt like watching it would somehow justify me  from the guilt of missing church.
It wasn’t until the scene, when God, Morgan Freeman, is talking to the wife inside the restaurant, that I was convinced that my watching this movie was a “set up” from God (the real one).
Freeman (God) asked Evan’s wife, “When we ask God for patience does He give us patience or does He give us the thing that will make us patient?” #LIGHTBULB #BINGO
I’ve been banging my head for weeks now, asking God, why this and why that. It’s like, “God I’ve been believing you for things but seemingly, life got harder. What the heck?”
#NOWIGETIT (Track from my Reality album. Coincidence?)
I’ve been praying and believing God to teach me how to trust Him more.
How so like Him, that all types of uncertainties would happen,  just so He could rescue me from each and every one of them.
Thanks God. You truly answer however you see fit, even if it’s through “Evan Almighty.”



Conversation at the table behind us between an African American mom and her 10 year old son……..

Son: I’m not marrying no black girls. They got too much going on.

Mom: Well your a** better not marry no Asian, Spanish, or Russian girls. I don’t want no mixed grandkids. They’ll be muts.

Mom: Especially marrying some Spanish hoe and b $@#!. Cause you know they will move their whole family in my f@$$#@* house. I’m not having it.

Mom: And further more you are a black man and you ain’t inferior to no one. You are smart and intelligent.  When you grow up you are going to be somebody.

Me: (Under my breathe) Yeah. Racist.

Ewwww……..What’s that smell!!!


I’m not sure who came up with the bright idea of cow dung to fertilize plants but that “crap” works.
I got to thinking this morning about the CRAP in my own life and as much as it smells and as unpleasant as it feels, I understand that it is definitely causing things to grow around me.
What “CRAP” are you having to endure in this season of your life? Remember “crap”, although smelly, it does allow for great things to grow in your life.
So pinch your nose and get ready for a beautiful garden to blossom in your life.

-Lisa McClendon-Brailsford