The Absolute Most Annoying Gospel Song

As soon as I’d hear the intro, I’d cringe. “I absolutely hate this song,” I’d always whisper. While I really love the artist, WHAT IN THE WORLD made Donald Lawrence write “Let’s Go Back To Eden.”

Ain’t nobody going BACK TO EDEN to sit on top of the world. Did he not read that we were kicked out and there were cherubim posted up to make sure we never came back in?

Recently I had to rethink that song. Mr. Lawrence was actually on to something.

My theory is, while we can never go back to the Garden of Eden physically, we can most definitely go back mentally.

In the garden, God created and provided EVERYTHING for man, then He COMMANDED man to simply take care of the land and ENJOY it. It wasn’t until Satan came and made them THINK they needed something MORE than the EVERYTHING they had, that they disobeyed God, their provider,  and officially had to WORK and HUSTLE for what was previously FREELY provided.

Now there’s an opportunity to TRUST GOD again to provide ALL of your needs according to His riches in glory and return back to that mental state of receiving the provision and enjoying this land that He has given you WITHOUT THE STRESS of always needing MORE.

While HUSTLE is not in the bible, WORK is. But “work” is clearly translated in this text, as doing what you were created to do. When you do that, the WORK becomes ENJOYABLE and SWEATLESS because you were born for it.

Are you doing what you were created to do? Or are you stressed trying to keep up with what everyone else on social media is doing? GO BACK TO EDEN so you can SIT on top of and ENJOY this world.



Funky Arm Pits and Ashy Knees

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It never fails! No matter how many times we remind this boy, our 8 year old, Josh, always seems to forget to put on lotion and deodorant.
I knew I had to do something different when one Sunday during church, my nose was greeted by the scent of onions and bacon bits. My first reaction was to check my own arm pits. When I realized that it wasn’t me (Thank God) my nose led me to the person standing next to me, with his arms held high and his mouth opened wide, singing, Josh!!!
“OH MY LORD BOY! Did you put on deodarant?” He game me a bashful but guilty grin. “DUDE! COME ON!” I yelled under my breathe.
After several “concerned” church member pulled me to the side to inform me of Josh’s order, I decided I had to MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT FOR HIS SHORTCOMINGS.
Sooooo, I decided from…

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