The Difficult Waitress


On our return trip from Portland, we encountered a very overwhelmed waitress, during our rush to get breakfast before boarding. Obviously her frustration avalanched irritation on some of her other customers, as I witnessed some very unhappy tables, still waiting on refills. Having been a waitress myself, I understood her position. Having been a customer, I understood the frustrated tables as well.
With a beat red face, she took our order, while trying to maintain her composure. I did my best to be as less demanding as possible, when suddenly I overhear, “Oh my GOD! You’re late! Where have you been? We need help!”
Well that explains it. It’s never easy covering your own shift, let alone covering your shift and your very late co-worker. That just goes to show, you never know what people are dealing with. We shouldn’t be so quick to react or judge.
By the way, “Thanks Linda! Have an amazing Day! Thanks for serving us. Lisa and Josh.”