The ONE thing I DON’T TRUST God With

We would all like to be SUPER SAINTS and say we trust God with EVERYTHING, but the truth is, some of us don’t.

I honestly thought that I trusted God with EVERYTHING. Until that morning I watched my son walk to school. I was angry. I was frustrated. “No one’s going to mistreat my son!” That and many other thoughts swarm my head while I policed his walk to school, from the bushes.

If God wasn’t going to do something quick about it, I was.

“Lisa, you don’t trust God with your kids.” Was that statement I just whispered true? Unfortunately it was.

My heart hurt so much. I don’t want my kids to suffer or hurt. What mother does?

But then God reveal something to me that helped jump start my trust again:
In life we will have either elbow scratches that will quickly heal or broken arms that will cause greater pain. WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN?

Whether you are a child or an adult, life will bring you pain. And if you are anything like me, you hate pain. But sometimes we might have to deal with the elbow scratches of not having a friend for a season, walking alone to school or being rejected by others to prevent the broken arms of an unhealthy friendship, being caught in a serious situation from being involved with the wrong crowd or a future betrayal that could cost you almost everything.

God is allowing my son to experience the elbow scratches of life. But those scratches will heal a lot faster then a broken arm if he learn now at 9 that he’ll be okay and life gets better.

Alright God, you know what you are doing. Operation TRUST GOD WITH YOUR KIDS, is now in effect.

What do you need to TRUST God with? Your kids? Your marriage? Be honest. Be Free.


The ONE thing I had to Laugh at that Would Make Some Christians MAD

“Suddenly there was a scene, then another and another that made me raise my brow but would problem cause a lot of “Christians” to go into an all out uproar. Then I just had to laugh.”
I had a moment to sit down and catch up on some shows I had recorded the night before but was too sleepy to stay up and watch.
Suddenly there was a scene, then another and another that made me raise my brow but would problem cause a lot of “Christians” to go into an uproar.
Then I just had to laugh.
I laughed because, it’s obvious that our televisions and radio stations are not what they were 10 years ago and most Christians are NOT afraid to make it known that they strongly DISAPPROVE.
But what I saw today was a DISTRACTION from what matters more than our church, our doctrines and our opinions. It was a DISTRACTION from LOVE.

If we as CHRISTIANS get all worked up about what we see with our eyes then DISTRACTIONS can hinder us from LOVING everyone, regardless of what they believe, with the pure heart of God.
There aren’t many instances I can recall, if any, of Jesus rebuking the world, but there are numerous accounts of him rebuking the church and constantly reminding them to WALK IN LOVE instead over being worried about the law.
Remember, the way we are IDENTIFIED as His, is by the LOVE we show one to another. Without that, we walk in a GREATER sin than the ones we gasp at.