I had a very interesting talk with my 14 year old, when I heard her mention a “friend’s” name I’d never heard of before.

I inquired about this friend and to my surprise she knew very little about her.

I immediately, as an example, I began to ramble off a few friend’s names, followed by what made them such a great person and a great friend.

How many people do we claim to be friends with but we truly know nothing about them or there’s no real connection?

Hoarding friendships with people who add no value to your life, makes it difficult to care for those who truly value you and are truly your friend.

Be wise in choosing friends. And the ones you choose, really take time to value and enjoy them.



Ever been introduced to someone who was an author, producer, COO, CEO, executive, designer, master counselor, life coach, vice president and president for, “So Busy inc?”

You might laugh, but that is such a funny extreme to a real issue.

Everybody’s got titles and not just one or two titles, me included.

Somehow, we have bought into the idea that the more titles we have, the more important we are.

Then we find ourself seasick from the roller coaster ride of responsibilities we put on ourself.

I’ve decided to revisit some old advice of mine , “do small things well. I’ve already rid myself of 3 titles and I have yet more to rid.

What titles are you holding on to and you need to FIRE YOURSELF?

Rid your life of the meaningless clutter of titles and enjoy being who you really are.




Recently, a morning devotion, challenged me to do something I JUST DIDN’T WANT TO DO.

And what’s worst is, it would please the Father.

I had tried and tried and now I was TIRED OF TRYING.

But what happens when God still requires more of you and you just don’t feel like it?

Pray this with me today:

“Father, thank you for giving me the DESIRE and ABILITY to do what pleases you, according to your Word. In Jesus Name. Amen.”




Yep! That’s about how I felt after reminiscing on old relationships that I had so foolishly been entangled with.

There’s nothing more painful than being the friend to someone who is incapable of being that kind of friend back.

What makes people befriend you with hidden agendas? What causes people to comfortably wear mask of compassion and empathy that covers the true self of envy and jealousy?

I haven’t quite figured that part completely out yet but what I will share with you today is, be careful about who you allow to befriend you.

Everyone who extends to you the right hand of fellowship could be hiding the left hand of destruction.

Simply put, everyone doesn’t know how to be your friend.


Lying To Myself


I’d been doing it for years. And doing it well, for others.

Giving. The only problem was I had convinced myself that my giving had nothing to do with me.

One day I had to face the hard truth that
I had been unknowingly, LYING TO MYSELF.

The embarrassing truth was, I was not only
giving to others but I was getting something
out of it.

True giving at times means you get nothing in
Can I handle that?
Can you?

Can I truly give to someone with no strings attached?
What if when I’m in need and they can’t “return” the
favor? Will I be okay with that or will I remember all
that I had sacrifice only to not have sacrifices made for me.

Checking my heart today. Checking my motives.
Sometimes you will give in places where you may not get anything in return.

Now that I have faced my truth, what are you lying to yourself about?


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