When It’s Hard To Reach Your Own Daughter

Lisa McClendon | Proverbial Girl | Music Artist

I’ve always had a great passion to reach the heart of girls and women, especially those that very few have the time to understand because I always felt misunderstood in life. But what happens when you feel like you can’t reach your own daughter?

My daughter and I share many laughs, occasional talks and heartfelt hugs and kisses but when all that love and affection is mixed in with the need to correct and keep accountable, sometimes the last voice my daughter wants to her is mine.

As a parent, I had to learn the need for “The Village.” It truly takes a village of loving family and friends to raise and support children. No matter how much love and advice I have, I could not successful raise my beautiful daughter without the impartation of the wisdom and love she receives from her dads (both of them), nana, grandparents, uncles, aunties…

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Something was wrong!

I didn’t see any lights.

A mother’s intuition had proven right. My new 9th grader had overslept with only 15 minutes left to get dressed and have breakfast before heading out to her bus stop.

I briefly watched as she raced against the clock. A witness of a rushed lotion application, prompted my verbal “That’s how you put on lotion? WHAT ABOUT THE BACK OF YOUR ANKLES? AND IN BETWEEN YOUR TOES?”

Before I could finished, she went from touching her toes to a quick erected, back straight, wide eyes that could have pierced my soul and hissed, “I AIN’T GOT TIME FOR THAT!”

I burst into such an overwhelming laughter that had us both cracking up in the early morning. But she was so right.

There are times when some details must be minimized to address the bigger picture at hand.

Have you ever made the thing that wasn’t a BIG DEAL the BIGGEST DEAL, causing you less time to give attention to what really matters most in that moment?

Today let’s reassess priorities. Unfortunately, everything can’t be a priorities all the time. Know what season you’re in and give attention to what matters most.



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I scrambled for my cellphone,  anxious and excited about capturing this rare moment.

Only minutes prior, we were under a violent weather storm that included what they reported as, “deadly lightning.” But now, beaming through my window, while reflecting off the flooded lake, was the most beautiful and vibrant rainbow.

I raced to capture the rainbow, fumbling and clicking.

Finally, the right setting!
Focus…..Focus…..! Wait!  Where did it go?

In horror, I suddenly realized, I had missed it, that rare moment.

How many moments in life have you missed capturing, trying to capture it?