Stupid Stuff

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by Lisa McClendon

Have you ever answered the door to something stupid and then you said to yourself, “Why did I even entertain that?”

Yep! Me too.

Now of course I don’t mean an actual door but instead sometimes life or the people in it, brings stuff your way that is really a distraction and a waste of your time. I call that “stupid stuff.” Stuff that doesn’t benefit or empower your future, i.e. gossip, meaningless confrontations, petty drama, pity parties, or laziness.

Can I challenge you to stop answering the door to “stupid stuff?” You don’t have to respond to every negative post, text or tweet. You don’t have to get caught up in other people’s drama with other people (even if it’s your friend). You don’t have to entertain “whoa is me” conversations. Your past is done with “stupid stuff” and your future has no vacancies for it.


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Use The Eggbeater

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After months of reshaping my old metal eggbeater, I decided I was sick of it and started using a fork as an alternative to whip my eggs. One day while out shopping, I decided to buy a new “rubber” eggbeater. Forgive me for being geeked about an eggbeater but I love my eggbeater. It’s colorful and modern, nothing like my old dated one.
One day, my daughter asked me when and if we were ever going to use the new egg beater. I gave her the dumb look. I had become so use to using the fork as an alternative that I forgot we had a new egg beater.
It’s so easy to use other things as an alternative to the proper thing. We are surrounded by alternatives, our way of doing things. And although the alternative is doable, it will always be more challenging because it was not intended…

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Got to Go, Got to Grow

One by one I deleted them. I made a lifestyle decision. It wasn’t right for me anymore to watch certain shows anymore.

How could I be so adamant about eating well but not as concerned about seeing or hearing well? I needed to return to guarding my ear and eye gates.

If I was going to be healthy physically, I needed to be even healthier spiritually.

What lifestyle change do you need to make today? What do you need to cut out of your diet besides food?

You may not cut everything out today but decide that something has got to go, so that you can grow.



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Permission To Say No

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by Lisa McClendon

As a kid, I was a people pleaser.  I remember my grandmother asking me who my best friend was. My response was, “Jesus.” I thought it would make her proud.

Soon I started having the hardest time telling people NO. I didn’t want to let anyone down. But I was, myself.

My inability to say no, made me angry, easily irritated and very frustrated. Often times, I inconvenienced myself to accommodate others, only to find no one was making accommodations for me.

One day I gave myself permission to be an adult again. And as an adult, I have the right and the responsibility to say yes when I can and want and “NO” when I can’t or when I just don’t feel like it.

And I’m still a good person. 😊😊

I pray your New Year is off to a great start! Make that…

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The Perfect Gentlemen

I was not expecting to see what I saw when I opened that door. 6 young boys with saddens in their eyes, had  escorted my bloody son home.

He had a knot by his eye, a small gash on his chin and a banged up knee that wouldn’t stop bleeding.

A football play in the field across from our house had sent him soaring in the air while breaking his fall into a nearby tree.

Mama’s are you cringing yet?

Each boy begin to share what had happened, while Josh limped inside the house and sat on the floor.

Surprisingly I was more impressed than hysterical.  There stood at my door, 6 gentlemen, all under the age of 13. They didn’t run home scared but instead, without knowing what kind of trouble they could possibly be in, they faced the music and brought my son home to safety.

As they walked away from my door, one by one they turned around and said, “Hope you feel better Josh.”

I am thankful for those boys and the parents that have trained them well.

Like those boys, let’s remember to care for other’s today, no matter what and like their parents, train our children to do the same.



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