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by Lisa McClendon

I’ve always been a person with a serious demeanor. I have my moments of clowning and excitement but for a long time I took everything way too seriously. A moment of truth, sometimes I still do (pray for me).

My poor husband, who has a larger than life personality, had no idea the challenge he was about to marry and I had no idea the freedom I was about to find.

His infectious joy, that started out annoying, soon became contagious. Experiencing him day after day, made me long for that joy he possessed.

The more time I spent with Jesus and the more I let my husband’s joy influence me, the more I begin to chill out, laugh and stop being so serious.

Maybe you’re like me, life has dealt you a crappy hand and you find it hard to just relax a little. Let me…

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I’d often publicly admire other people’s life while secretly questioning the position of my own.

Am I doing enough?  Should I be doing that too? What’s wrong with me? Do I matter more than I feel?

Then it hit me.

My life has been beautifully designed with me in mind.

If my schedule was as busy as his, I wouldn’t be able to be there when my daughter needed me the most, during her transition as a young woman.

If I had the same demands as her, I wouldn’t be able to be at all of my son’s basketball games.

Being them would make me miss being me.

Today I am thankful that most mornings I can look out the window and have the time to enjoy it.

I am thankful today that I am not missing the life of the people that matter most to me, my family.

Today, I am thankful that I am too busy being me, that I have no time to long to be anyone else.


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Parked At The Stop Signs

It’s 1:45 pm and you pull up to the stop sign. 2:00 pm. 2:15 pm. 3:45 pm. 5:00 pm and you’re still parked   at that same stop sign.

Pretty silly huh?

Unfortunately, there have been times in my life I’ve done that.

I soon learned that the stop signs in my life are not my final destinations. And if I’m not at my final destination then I don’t need to waste too much of my time there.
Have you made friends that were only meant for a season? Have you moved into a temporary place but you have mentally moved in for an extended stay? Have you settled into a job that was only meant to equipped you for another career?

Be careful about the choices and stops you make. Stop signs are only momentary breathers before you reach your final destination.
NO parking allowed.

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It was Monday morning again and all I could say was, “IT WAS JUST FRIDAY!”


Most Mondays, for most of us, is the same lyrics to the same old dated beat. We lay down Friday, wake up and there’s Monday again.


While we could easily blame it on the weekend not being longer enough, the truth is too many ACTIVITIES is the real weekend theft.


Society encourages us to be so busy that we miss precious moments like being home enjoying the rain with the family or time to just sit and relax on the couch.


The overwhelming ‘gotta dos’ and ‘gotta bes’ of the weekend eats away at our time. And before you know it, it’s Monday and you’re back at work.


I had to quickly learn that I don’t have to do everything in one weekend.


So while most of you are already dreading the quick arrival of a new Monday, start making plans for this weekend to have less plans, so you can make Monday wait.9


When It Rains……

Originally posted on Lisa McClendon | Proverbial Girl | Music Artist:

by Lisa McClendon

I was not happy at all about my return to Florida, at first. I ask God, “Why?” Yeah my mother was sick and I needed to be closer to my family but “God why couldn’t I just keep visiting. It’s only a 6 hour drive?”

One day God answered my whining when He said, “Like Abraham, your wealthy place will be in the midst of a dry land.” Now I’m not dissing Florida but I honestly didn’t see anything there for me. I love the Carolinas.

My heart soon began to soften to the idea. And we packed up and relocated in obedience.

Upon arrival, it started happening just as God had said. And when it rains blessings, baby it pours.

I can’t share just yet all that God is doing with my life and my family’s life but let me empower you today. The place that…

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