Lying To Myself


I’d been doing it for years. And doing it well, for others.

Giving. The only problem was I had convinced myself that my giving had nothing to do with me.

One day I had to face the hard truth that
I had been unknowingly, LYING TO MYSELF.

The embarrassing truth was, I was not only
giving to others but I was getting something
out of it.

True giving at times means you get nothing in
Can I handle that?
Can you?

Can I truly give to someone with no strings attached?
What if when I’m in need and they can’t “return” the
favor? Will I be okay with that or will I remember all
that I had sacrifice only to not have sacrifices made for me.

Checking my heart today. Checking my motives.
Sometimes you will give in places where you may not get anything in return.

Now that I have faced my truth, what are you lying to yourself about?


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…..And Then There Were 3

Have you ever looked around and said, “I wonder whatever happen to…….?”

Just a few weeks ago I stumbled across the path of a mother duck and her 6 new ducklings. They were so eager to keep up with her every move. To them staying in mom’s shadow meant SAFETY.

But just a week or so later, I stumbled across that same mother duck and her ducklings. This time only 3 of them remained.

Whatever happen to the other 3 or so, who seemed so anxious to stay by her side?

Unfortunately, we see this so often within the our community. Maybe someone was lead back into old habits that they just couldn’t seem to resist. Perhaps someone was abused by someone they trusted and they left the church disappointed in the church and questioning God. Or maybe someone’s hopes and dreams weren’t answered by God quick enough.

Whatever the reason for their disappearance, have you once stopped and thought about them? Did you take the time to call them up and see about them?

Remember the ones that were once among us and now they are missing in action. You may just be the person they need to believe in hope again.


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“Did I DO that?”

We all had a 90’s laugh to this popular line, often given by that nerdy dude, Steve Urkel.

But now this laughable line should be the focal point of our lives. Everyone’s got a great post, an inspirational word or now the NEW thing is the “empowerment” conferences.
But what happens when we have to LIVE what we post, what we inspire or LIVE by the same empowerment words we so eloquently share?

Social media seems to be the NEW platform to display our spiritual knowledge and biblical intelligence. But our closet is the place where we have the responsibility to LIVE what we “Tweet.”


Let us not just be HEARERS or POSTERS of the word but DOERS also.


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When It’s Time for Better to Be Better

I awoke with this beautiful conviction to grow yet again. I’m often challenged to stretch from places of comfort so that I can become a better woman. That day was no different when God gave me a gentle nudge and said, “Lisa, you have come a long way “here” but now it’s time to become even better in this area of your life.”

Suddenly fear yelled, “But what if I can’t?” “What if I just suck at doing any better?” “What if I try but I fail?” Almost immediately I was reminded of Philippians 4:13, “……I can do ALL things through Christ.”


Wait a minute! The distance I have grown was only because of God’s help and my obedience and the distance I have yet to go is only because of God’s help and my obedience.

I can get better! You can get better! Because of the grace of God.

It’s time for better to be just a little bit better.


What’s Wrong With Me?

I laid on the couch, in agony. Why was I feeling so bad?

Great day everyone, Lisa McClendon here!

My head was pounding, my muscles hurt and I felt nauseous.

“Lord, I hope I’m not pregnant?” No, I wasn’t and even a bigger NO, I’m not.

I was tired.

Somehow, I had manage to return to my old ways of “making it happen” and “getting it done.” But I was making it happen and getting it done, for everyone else.

So much for Briefcase and Aprons, my empowering moment for “other” women about the importance of balance. Well that day I needed to be the “other” woman listening to my own advice.

I needed to reincorporate the balance of self care. It wasn’t that I wasn’t eating right anymore, but rather not eating enough. I had also started back going to bed pretty late and still getting up early. And water? Let’s just say, if I were a sponge, you wouldn’t be able to squeeze half a cup of water out of me.

So my agony was self inflicted.

It is not only a command from God to love Him and others but also to love ourselves. Love yourself today and slow down enough to take of you.

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