The ONE thing I DON’T TRUST God With

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We would all like to be SUPER SAINTS and say we trust God with EVERYTHING, but the truth is, some of us don’t.

I honestly thought that I trusted God with EVERYTHING. Until that morning I watched my son walk to school. I was angry. I was frustrated. “No one’s going to mistreat my son!” That and many other thoughts swarm my head while I policed his walk to school, from the bushes.

If God wasn’t going to do something quick about it, I was.

“Lisa, you don’t trust God with your kids.” Was that statement I just whispered true? Unfortunately it was.

My heart hurt so much. I don’t want my kids to suffer or hurt. What mother does?

But then God reveal something to me that helped jump start my trust again:
In life we will have either elbow scratches that will quickly heal or broken arms that…

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BARBECUE AND JESUS (A Bedtime Devotional)

My husband prides himself in being a Brailsford man that knows the secrets to good barbecue.


It’s one thing to throw some seasoning on some chicken 10 minutes before it hits the grill but to season and marinade chicken overnight brings a totally different experience to your taste buds.

Proper marinading allows the chicken to SOAK and infiltrate FLAVOR to every bite. (Mouth watering yet?)

Unfortunately, we sometimes SOAK our meats longer than we SOAK our spirits.

How awesome would it be to soak our ears overnight with WORSHIP or the word?

How much more flavor would infiltrate our very being? And the next day, when we go out into the world and it takes a bite out of us, all it can taste is Jesus?

I want to challenge all US, that when we lay down TONIGHT, grab our headphones adjust our radio dials, Pandora stations or our Google Play list, to something that will refresh our spirits, restore our minds and glorify our Father in worship.

But I’m just a vegetarian, what do I know?


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“Mrs. Brailsford?  Your family knows how to give the right answer.”

I was excited to hear those word until the counselor, a retired Pastor, quickly corrected me. In that moment he taught me that the correct answer, the church answer is not always the right answer.

We’ve somehow been trained that it’s wrong to be sad, disappointed, frustrated, angry or scared. It’s a sign of weakness.

The truth is Jesus was angry in the temple, sad when His friend was beheaded, often frustrated with the disciples,  and scared when He had to go to the cross and die.

But He trusted God in the midst of being human.

Never deny yourself the opportunity to feel and be human, because being human is the very reason we still need  God.


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The Word was good. I was blessed. Everyone else seemed blessed by the Sunday morning service. But it was going on 1 o’clock and my patience was already in the truck waiting on us to HURRY UP!

Suddenly, I was reminded of how excited I was to get my daughter to her 4 hour audition for a performing arts school. And I didn’t care how long it took.

Hmmmm. How many times have we silently rushed God for what we think is taking too long but we will wait all day for something we think is “worth” it?

The very place that sometimes slows us down, is sometimes enriched with blessings waiting to overtake us.

So hurry up and wait!

Oh, by the end of that service, we walked away with a financial increase that came only at the end of “my wait.”


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Feeling Lost?


Have you ever headed out some place new and for some reason your GPS wouldn’t work because you had no signal in the area or for some other annoying reason?


Well I have a gazillion things going on right now, a new album, a new book, a girl’s and women empowering group, new radio show, a new online gift boutique…..I could keep going on but you get the idea.

While I seem to be getting to some of my new ventures without any problems, I keep getting lost and turned around on some of the others. But in my case, my GPS, God’s Pointing System, is not down, I just hadn’t turned it on.

We are often guilty of asking God for direction to get “here” but we are too busy to ask Him how to get “there.” And then we get lost.

I was reminded this morning in Proverbs 3, that if we acknowledge Him in ALL of our ways, He will direct ALL of our paths and we’ll never get lost or feel lost again.